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Finding teachers a school to work in and represent SDE Teacher is what we do, but we realize that many people are qualified to work in different types of institutions, so we offer a variety of positions.  From public schools teaching ESL or a specific subject you are eligible to teach, to private language centers, kindergartens, and even leadership positions, like vice principal or other leadership roles, we have a place with us that fits your unique skill set, education, and experience.  

As we expand through our current cities and new cities in China, we will offer much more options in the future, so be sure to check back, often!

  • Language centers give you the opportunity to teach small classes of students who are enthusiastic about learning English.  These can be some of the most rewarding jobs as you can get to know the students and see their progress over time. Language center positions offer the opportunity to have very small class sizes and to see you students make significant progress, day after day.  These schools usually have a nontraditional work week, late afternoon or evening hours, and "weekends" that fall on a Tuesday and Wednesday, or other two days of the week.Language centers are fit for the teacher who wants to hone their teaching skills and wants to know they are making a difference in their students' lives.  They are also great for the teacher who doesn't mind startin...
  • Whether you enjoy primary age, middle or high school age students, we have many positions available to teach in Chinese public schools.  Public school positions are the most numerous of the positions we have.  We have contracts with district education offices within cities in China, and you work in the schools as an SDE teacher.  Public schools have class sizes ranging from as low as 20 students to as high as 50.    As you can imagine, these schools are very big, but also very focused.  Chinese students have a rigorous curriculum, and often, you have the opportunity to give them a chance to learn in a fun and energizing way, that is different from their typical day to day classes, and a breath of fresh air for them.  You have the opportunity to make a big...
  • Because we are one of the largest providers of teaching jobs in China, we offer positions in many different schools, as well as educational leadership opportunities.
  • Many of our schools need leaders, such as principals and vice principals.  If you are the unique candidate the is qualified to fill this type of position, we'll help to find you a very fulfilling place in leadership. From time to time, we have positions open up in leadership in schools.  These positions could be a principal or vice principal, or other school leadership position.These positions offer a great opportunity for someone who has the necessary education and experience to further their career in a way that might never have thought possible before.  To find out of you are eligible to fill one of these positions, check our eligibility page for details. These positions are very high demand, competitive positions, but if you're the right person for the job, then the...
  • Young learners require a lot careful attention and energy, but the rewarding smiles are second to none. Kindergarten positions are great for the person who loves to help very young children to find their way, in English and into a happy childhood.Kindergarten positions are quite popular with our teachers, but they require a lot of energy.  The reward is in the smiles and laughter you get from those young, happy kids, who look forward to seeing you every day.  Of course, there's always the reward of making an English breakthrough with a kindergartener, especially at an age where the English they learn from you, they will retain forever.Kindergarten positions are in high demand, but it takes the right person to fill the job.  Make sure you let our team know if you'd like to wo...
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