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日期: 2017-07-20
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Questions about our company, the resources you'll have available to you and other things you might want to know about us. 

About SDE

What is the FTM Specialist Role? 

FTM's will be there with you from the very beginning to help get you settled, find an apartment, communicate with your school, help you if you get sick, and anything else you may need help with (within reason). Remember to pause and say thank you to them as often as you can!

What others kinds of activities can I get involved in with SDE?

SDE has an academic consultant team, writing team, ambassador group and campus ambassador group. If you are interested in helping organize activities or participate in these groups, let someone in the office know!

How can SDE assist in finding additional part-time work for extra income?

SDE will advertise part-time opportunities to our teachers looking for extra income. SDE may also organize Summer and Winter camps for teachers who are looking to earn some cash over the holiday. If there won’t be any, there are plenty of other non-SDE Summer and Winter camps for interested teachers to join.

Can I join SDE at a different time of the year other than the beginning of a school year (September 1st)?

We have positions open year round. However, the most positions will be open for those applying to join at the start of each semester.

Can I stay for another year if I want to?

Of course! If you would like to stay, you can speak to your FTM or recruiter about signing on for another year. 

How many currently teachers are teaching with SDE. 

As of 2018, we currently have over 350 teachers. 

Where are your offices located?

Our headquarters is in Shenzhen. We also have offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Zhongshan, and Chengdu. 

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