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Getting a (Z) Work Visa

日期: 2017-07-20
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Questions about the visa process, how long it takes, and anything unexpected you might thing of when you're in the process of applying for your visa. 

Getting a (Z) Work Visa

Where can I learn more about the Z work visa process?

Please refer to the SDE Visa Guide and other visa support materials sent via email. If you have any questions, please contact your recruiter.

How long did the process take from start to finish? 

It will take around 30 days to complete the Z work visa process. However, this all depends how many documents are prepared prior to application. Most teachers will take an average of 45 days to fully prepare documents, and arrive in China.  

What is visa on arrival?

Visa on arrival can only be done for those going to work in Guangdong province. Once you have submitted your authenticated documents to your recruiter, SDE will apply for your notification of work permit. Once completed, we will send you an electronic copy and notify you that you can book your ticket to land in Hong Kong. Upon arrival, you will coordinate with an SDE staff member at the border of Hong Kong and Shenzhen to apply for the visa on arrival which will take 20-30 minutes. For the exact cost and process of applying for the visa on arrival, please ask your specialist.

Can I process the Z work visa at the Chinese consulate or consulate in my home country?

Yes, you can get the Z work visa at the Chinese consulate or embassy that has jurisdiction over your residency in your home country.

How much are the total visa costs?

Visa costs vary based on citizenship and how fast you want it processed.

Can I visit other countries while I’m working in China on a Z visa?

Before going out of the country, please let your visa handler and specialist know. Once you have finished your work and residence permit, you are able to travel outside of China and come back. 

I am American, what are some reliable sources to get a background check done other than local and state police?

There are several FBI-approved channelers to get a fingerprint background check done which is accepted for the Z work visa. Please refer to this link: https://www.fbi.gov/services/cjis/identity-history-summary-checks/list-of-fbi-approved-channelers-for-departmental-order-submissions

I am currently in China, where can I get a background check done?

Yes, please check the attachment below for your reference. 

Getting a (Z) Work VisaGetting a background check done in China

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