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日期: 2017-07-20
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How to get around China once your here, from the subway, to other question you might have about traveling around. 


What is a convenient way from Hong Kong airport to Shenzhen?

In terminal 2, there are sky limos (bus services) that each fit 4-6 people and will drop you off at the huanggang border. It is approximately 120-150 Hong Kong dollars and will take 45 minutes. 

How can I explore Shenzhen? 

Shenzhen has many different options for exploration. Transportation options include: metro, bus, taxi, Uber (Didi), bike sharing and even someone to drive you around on a bike (illegally).

Can I buy a metro card to use on all transit? 

Your FTM Specialist will help you get a transit card. It can be used on the subway and bus. For the cost of this card, please refer to the money management part of the FAQ.

How can I navigate the metro?

It is recommended to all foreign teachers to download an app called "MetroMan"

Is it easy to get to Hong Kong from Shenzhen or Zhongshan?   

There’s many different ways to get to Hong Kong. You can either go through one of the many subway transfers, by care, or by ferry.  

What else is there to go near Shenzhen?

There are almost too many great destinations near Shenzhen! Macau, Guangzhou, Zhuhai, Taiwan, and all of Southeast Asia are just a few of your options.

Is the transit information written in English?

It is mostly in Chinese and Chinese Pinyin. There will announcements during transit will be made in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese.

Is there a taxi request service app like Uber in Shenzhen?

Yes. Didi, partially funded by Apple, is available in Shenzhen.

What are some convenient ways to Hong Kong?

Most of our teachers find the two most convenient way to be at the Huanggang port and taking a Skylimo to and from the HK international airport. Another convenient way would be the ferry. 

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