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Shenzhen and Lifestyle

日期: 2017-07-20
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Questions about living and working in Shenzhen.  Questions about activities and nightlife in Shenzhen. 

Shenzhen and Lifestyle

What makes Shenzhen a good city to live in? 

By good, I think you mean “great”. It’s a fantastic city to live in! Shenzhen is continually in the top 10 for cleanest air in China. It’s a modern tier-1 city with everything one can find.

Is China safe?

China is extremely safe. You may refer to these SDE non-affiliated videos for more information:



Are the gyms where I can exercise?

Yes, there are plenty of gyms here in China. Usually a gym membership will cost around 3,000-4,000 RMB per year in central areas (or nice gyms) and around 2,000-3,000 RMB per year for non-central gyms. 

What are some outdoor activities I can do in Shenzhen?

Yes, there are many outdoor activities in Shenzhen. From surfing to hiking and rock climbing, Shenzhen has a very active outdoor scene.

How does Shenzhen compare to other international cities, what is the atmosphere like?

Shenzhen is a very young, diverse city with dynamic energy. You will not find another city in China with the passion and variety of Shenzhen.

What's the nightlife like in Shenzhen?

There is nightlife in all districts in Shenzhen. However, the most popular locations are Coco Park and Shekou. Since Shenzhen is a very young city, it attracts young people and therefore offers a great night life wherever you are in the city.

Any good coffee shop/restaurant recommendations?

Coffee shops are becoming more and more popular in China, and especially Shenzhen. You won’t have any trouble finding coffee shops and as well as restaurants. Eventually, you will find the one that fits your palate.

Is the weather/humidity bearable?

It's located in a sub-tropical climate. Expect typhoon season to come around Spring and Fall! You will definitely be sweating in the summer months! Please refer to the SDE packing list for what to bring to beat the heat!

Is it easy to find other expats to socialize with?

Yes, it is easy to find other expats to socialize with. Shenzhen has a big and active expat community. If you have an interest in something, let someone know and they will find a group of likeminded people for you. Remember, the most important social tool in China is WeChat!

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