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Hiring Steps

You saw the overview of the steps that it takes too work for us, but here are the details. You'll know every step of the process after reading this. 

Hiring Process

Step 1: Application

The first step of the process is to follow click at the top of the menu "Join Us." You're welcome to go to our contact page and email us, or if you want to work out the time difference, call us during our business hours, but filling out our short application form is the most tried and true method to apply.

Hiring Process

Step 2: Review

After filling out the form and clicking submit, we'll be notified of your application and someone from our hiring team will review your form and get in touch with you within 48 hours. In that email, we'll try to find a time that we can talk with you over Skype or WeChat. We'll also send you the details of the procedure, going forward. 

Hiring Process

Step 3: Interview

Once we agree on a time, we'll interview with you. In that interview, we'll go over all the details you might need to know and answer questions you might have about living, working and teaching in China. In this interview, we'll also be making sure that you are eligible to teach English in China. After a successful interview, you'll be sent the employment contact, and we'll start to process your visa, as we get the necessary documents from you. 

Hiring Process

Step 4: School and Visa

While we're processing your visa, and before you come to China, is the best time to start trying to find you a school. We will talk to our partner schools, find out what they're needs are, and get you in touch with a school that we think you'll be a great fit for. Once we find a school, we'll set up a time that you can do a skype interview with your school. Take a look at our school interview tips to see how you can impress your school in that interview. 

This part of the process can take quite a while, but if your first school interview doesn't work out, there are many, many schools we work with in China. In some cases, we can even find you a school after you arrive in China, in which case, we'd bring you to the school for an in-person interview. As you can see, this process could be quite lengthy and might take as much as two months. There's always the chance that your first interview will be a success, and the process will be over in a week.    

Hiring Process

Step 5: China

Once you successfully find a school and your visa has been processed, it's time to book your ticket to China. We'll tell you when to arrive, to be on time for orientation and depending on where you fly in, we can meet you at the airport, or in the case of Hong Kong arrivals, meet you at the border of Hong Kong and Mainland China.  From there we'll bring you to a hotel near our office where you'll spend the duration of your orientation, and then we'll help you to find an apartment in a location that's right for your work/life balance. After that, you'll be an active member of our team, and you'll have our support team and our support network to help you along the way. 

am i eligible? What are the benefits? What is the process? 
Hiring Process Overview
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